Network Marketing Gurukul (NMG) is a professional certificate program for network marketers and direct sellers offered by International Direct Selling Educational Institute. Apply now and become certified if you:

Are a real entrepreneur serious about your business
Realize the need to receive professional education in making a robot business
Plan to become successful by learning the advanced material
See the importance of being recognized as a professional network marketer, and
Want to become a part of an international community of like-minded entrepreneurs
Your Key to Success During the NMG Course you will learn everything you need to become successful in your network marketing business. Your burning questions will be answered and you will master the art of network marketing:

What is Direct Selling? How to respond to naysayers?

How to Starting a Successful Network Marketing Business?
How to Accelerate Your Network Marketing Business?
What Are the Essential Business Skills for Network Marketers?
What Are the Advanced Business Skills for Network Marketers?

In this course you will learn about the advanced business skills that help you become even more successful in your network marketing business:

Retention, and
Organization Management
Goal Setting
Leadership, and
Team Building

As the industry continues to grow, and as communication tools becomes more and more advanced, proper behavior in the field is crucial. If you are a Certified Network Marketer, for a limited time, you can this course free of charge. Please contact us to find out more about this limited offer.

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